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UPS - FedX
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Our stores are ranked as the #1 and #2 UPS Authorized Shipping Outlets in Pennsylvania & TOP 50 in the U.S. in shipping volume.

Our great ranking allows us to extend discounts to our customers.  So not only do you get a great price but we accept your package and get it on it's way amazingly fast.  Our quick automated system saves you from wasting time completing the same paperwork over and over. So you’re out the door as quick as your shipment.

Too busy to get to our store?   We offer FREE pick up and delivery.
We love to make life easier for our customers.  Just call and we will pick up your package and take care of the details.   FREE Pick up with orders over $50 (excludes money orders, stamps & US mail services). 24hr advance request and 3 mile radius of store required.

Click on your carrier below for easy tracking.
Sometimes you just need to know where your package is in the delivery process.  A single click will give you peace of mind.   In addition, the staff at Parcel Place+ will always be happy to personally track a package for you... just give us a call.

Carrier Pick up times at our location.
No reason to miss that deadline, holiday or birthday.  Below are our carrier's pick up times.  

FedX Ground: Mon - Fri 4pm 
FedX Air: Mon - Fri 7pm & Sat 4pm

UPS Ground: Mon - Fri 4:00pm
UPS Air: Mon - Fri 6:30 pm & Sat 3:30pm

DHL: Mon - Fri at 4pm 

US Postal Service - Mon - Fri 12pm

Shipping Options.
Not sure about the type of shipping you should choose?  Below is a list of available delivery schedules.   Please feel free to call the Parcel Place+, tell us when your package needs to be delivered and we will recommend the most secure option for you.

Next Day 
2nd Day 
3 Day

Next Day 
2nd Day 
3 Day


US Postal Service*
US Mail
1st & 4th class

* US Postal Service:  Options include Certified Mail & Return Receipts.



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